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Training Opportunities at MERRAG

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MERRAG trains it volunteers and community members according to the national Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program's 6-module syllabus, augmented with additional modules customized for the Montecito neighborhood.

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  • Module 1 – Disaster Preparedness

  • Module 2 – Disaster Fire Suppression

  • Module 3 – Disaster Medical Operations part 1

  • Module 4 – Disaster Medical Operations part 2

  • Module 5 – Light Search & Rescue Operations

  • Module 6 – Disaster Psychology and Team Organization

  • Special Module – Terrorism and CERT

  • Special Module – Wildland Fire in the Urban Interface

  • Special Module – Radio Use/Call-Out Procedures

  • Special Module – Fire Safety & Utility Controls

  • Special Module – Electrical Safety/PSPS

  • Special Module – Ready-Set-Go

  • Special Module – Winter Weather Preparedness

  • Special Module – Great California Shakeout exercise

merrag training montecito


  • Brief history of MERRAG organization

  • Importance and use of local communications (radios, phone tree)

  • Hands-on exercises (except during Covid restrictions)

  • Participation in community emergencies


Dates will vary.

  • Personal preparation for disasters

  • First Aid & CPR

  • Fire Suppression Techniques

  • Supplemental experience with MERRAG radio and pagers

  • Introduction to outside services (Red Cross, OES, and CERT)


Dates vary

  • MERRAG Activation Procedures

  • Radio usage

  • Nationally used emergency management concepts, including coordination of facilities, equipment, personnel, procedures and communications

  • To prepare MERRAG members to assist Fire Department and local officials in emergencies (operations, planning, logistics, administration)

  • ICS - Incident Command System

  • NIMS - National Emergency Management System


Qualified volunteers will learn how to operate the Communication Vehicle including:

  • Location of keys

  • Generator usage

  • Supply Locations

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