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Disaster Kit

No one knows when or where a disaster will strike. If and when a disaster does occur it is very likely that you will have to rely upon your own resources for a period of hours or days. Whether you are at home or away you will benefit by having in your possession a prepared disaster kit.

This kit should contain water, food, and a host of other supplies. MERRAG has already predesigned a kit that has all of the basics you may require. This kit eliminates the guesswork and time involved in creating your own kit. The kits are available from SOS Products, a major supplier of disaster related equipment. 

This is a custom kit put together just for us, and is not on their website link. It too can be customized, but contains everything that Red Cross recommends you should have for 2 people for a 72 hours. There are higher quality components one could get if you have the time to build your own kit, but this is an easy way to get the minimum recommended, with very little effort.

Click HERE for information on the items contained in the custom kit, and information on how you can order one.

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